Grill on piglet 1200 with motor B440 - (415)

Grill for barbecue of piglet, pig, hams, turkeys, chickens and other larger pieces of meat.

Composition of the assembly:
  - Stand for grill
  - Roaster on piglet
  - Motor B440 - 220V - (load on a motor is up to 30 kg, when is the meat balanced is the load on motor up to 60 kg)
  - Motor support
  - Grill tenon – interconnection between motor and roaster

The length of the roaster is 1300 mm, height of the stand is 800 mm.
It can be combined with a universal grill fork 2x2 or 2x4 or other grill forks of a series 20x20 -  see Roasters and grill forks
Motor support is universal and can connect motors: UMR03 12V or B440 - 220V.
Made of stainless steel. With this grill you can start right barbecue.