We manufacture products mainly from stainless steel, which is used especially by companies working with meat, butchers, slaughter plants, retail meat and sausages or pork feast lovers.

PRICE TAGScenovky na zbožíStainless steel holders price tags on the label of meat and meat products. We produce various types according to the method of fixing prices - plunge, stands, hanging and attachment to different containers (bowls, cups, boxes ...).


háčky na masoStainless steel hooks for meat of many types and sizes - S - hooks, eye hooks, handling hooks, treble hooks.

FRESH MEAT TREESstromečky na masoFresh meat trees - hooks made of stainless steel for hanging meat.

HOOKS WITH ROLLERháky s kladkou, kočky na masoHooks roller on career in the slaughter line, cold storage, warehouse meat and so on. Suitable for hanging pork or beef. 

TOOLS FOR HOME BUTCHERINGzabíjačka, potřeby na zabíjačkuWe produce needs for home butchering, tools and equipment for butchers and handymen: hook for hanging pig, sausages stuffer, pig scraper, hooks to the smokehouse,  quilting needles.

TROLLEYS FOR CRATESvozíky na přepravkyTrolleys for transportation of crates in various surface finishes (stainless steel, galvanized, powder-coated), spare parts for trolleys, undercoats under crates, hooks for pulling of the crates.

QUILTING NEEDELSprošívací jehly na masoStainless steel needles for quilting the meat in several sizes.

STAINLESS STEEL CONSOLES FOR MEATnerezové konzolyStainless steel consoles with fixed hooks or brackets with sliding hooks.

OTHER BUTCHER SUPPLIESvěšák na hadici, koš na droby, vidle na masoWe produce more butcher's supplies according to the wishes of our customers, the hanger for hose,  hook for offal, meat forks, rubber scraper into dehairing machine.